Monday, April 13, 2015

Glitter & lace top - Vogue 8649

Vogue 8649
This pattern was a big last summer in my wardrobe. Had 3 dresses (sailor dress, butterflies dressowls dress) and 3 tops (flower power tee, pink polka dots tee & fall leaves top) made from it for the PR TNT Tee contest. And I was pleased with them. I also discovered that the stretchy knit allowed me to still wear 2 of the tops even in my 3rd trimester so I decided to cut one new in a glittery silky jersey with some lace in the back panel.
I may be pushing it a little to wear it right now but it should fit a lot better soon.
Vogue 8649
Vogue 8649
I am also quite pleased with my finishing self bias.

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