Thursday, August 25, 2016

Little lady in red - Ottobre jacket 4/2013#18, dress 1/2016#5 & leggings

The Sewing for children contest is always a time of celebration for me. I love sewing in general and I like to try everything... I'm just like a small child in this. But still nothing gives me more joy then making little outfits. They are like candies ... How can I resist them?
   I spent a lot time thinking what to make... I keep seeing dressed but the summer will be over soon and reason said I should better sew for cold weather... In the end I did something in between.
   I started with a nice girly jacket from Ottobre 4/2013 model #18:
I had a hard time deciding on the fabric. A woven would have looked more sharp and easier to work with in getting the details done but a stretchy fabric would have been way more comfortable for a small child to wear so I went with a red french terry from the stash. I am still a little surprised I managed to keep it simple solid for a long while.
  But when the dress to go with it was done I could nor resist a little embellishing...

 Not sure they are inspired or maybe a bit to much so I made sure I can easily remove them if I change my mind.
The dress was an easy choose. I made this pattern 3 times before and I loved them all, especially the last black and white dress.  All 3 dressed had the sleeved cut should and been worn during the summer as well. So here it is another Pocahontas jersey top - Ottobre 1/2016 design #5 - and again a dress or tunic ... :
I made it in short sleeves since is still summer but a cut a second set of long sleeves and had them ready for replacement .. so when the weather changes I will just remove the short sleeves and sew the long ones instead. The dress is rather short but that's what I find to work best with Eva. A long dress would be tangled in her endless games and climbs so a short dress for her and 2 pairs of leggings to go under it depending on the weather of course:
I think I am pleased with how things added together in the end and Eva sure had a happy smile when I presented it to her. We had a walk in the park and have been lucky that it rained a bit earlier in the day so we could try the jacket as well.
We even got the outfit trashed a bit in the sand over the weekend.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Accessories for Eva's toys - doll stroller seat and doll outfit

Eva received a doll stroller as a gift a little while back and she spends a gear deal of time pushing it around. The stroller seat was very poorly made and gave up right away so I decided to make a new one for her. I used the old seat as pattern guide and I am quite pleased with the result:
I made a few changes to make it more stable: I extra strap in the back that is closing with a fast snapper and under the seat some more tight guides to keep it in place.
And after the stroller was done and I was happy with it I decided to make an outfit for "Bebe" as well since his clothes were quite ragged by now and didn't go well with the new shinny stroller seat.
Maybe a little unusual with black but that was the first scrap with some turquoise in it to bring out Bebe's eyes.