Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mother, son & daughter matching outfits - Lelala #4452 & Ottobre 3/2015 #7 & 3/2016 #10

I am still trying to hold on to the black and white for myself and Eva see what we can achieve till mid May. I needed a dress for Eva for Easter / 1year old events and I had a really hard time getting set on a pattern. One one hand I loved elaborate and doll dresses but on the other hand I new it will not be comfortable for her to wear and will probably just be a picture outfit and nothing more. So I had to keep talking myself out of dress fabrics and more into knits even for a more festive occasion. In the end I was set on this beautiful  Black Kilim Tile on White Cotton Jersey Blend Knit Fabric from Girl Charlee UK. It is not my favorite quality in knit but it was nice that it didn't had a tone of stretch like others I like to use and that made it more stable and suitable to my plans. I also loved the print.
   I first cut the blouse for myself - Lelala 4452 - this time without the bow:
I added a small knitted lace trim to the collar to have it defined better:
Then I cut the dress for Eva. I used a pattern I loved : - Pocahontas jersey top Ottobre 3/2015 #7. The first attempt was way way to long - the dress was hitting the floor almost with my added ruffles. So I cut it again , I shortened the body by almost 2 inch and made a new shorter ruffle and this is the result:
   It also has some black interlock knit and the polka dots fabric is a scrap left from a pair of pants for my mom last summer.
   For Eva I also sewed a pair of very very simple jersey leggings - Ottobre 3/2016 #10 : They only had bigger sizes but I traced 92 and sewed it without adding seam allowances and I got a good pair for 1 year old.
eam allowances

   For my son i wanted to try some new pattern so I traced the tee from the last issue of Ottobre - 3/2016 #10. It is a really nice scraps busting project:
On Sunday we all enjoyed our new outfits. My mom were the 1st lekala tee that I made and was to big and fit beautifully with us but daddy was no match for us. Now I feel bad I didn't had fabric and time left for him as well.... maybe next time.
 We were all so tired at the end of the day:

And since I was at these tee pattern I could not resist to sew 2 more. For the 1st one he choose the fabric himself and the stripes were my choice.
He feels good playing in his new tees:

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