Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Wrap up the back and white marathon - lekala 4526, 4109 & S3002

   I challenged myself to sew just black and white for myself for about 1 and a half month for the PR Endless Combinations Contest. It was hard for me to stay away from vivid colors and even harder to use some solids. The last pieces are all Lekala.
   For the jacket I tried one of their new releases, Lekala 4526:
I really liked the design lines, elegant but relaxed vibe but the result was not that as I imagined. If you look at the drawing you can see it has dropped shoulders and large sleeves and that didn't worked that well for me. It is not an ugly jacket but is not me so this pattern will probably be put aside unless I can get myself to redraft the shoulders and sleeves...
I desperately needed some more bottoms to go with the many tops I made and I still had my mind stuck on lekala S3002:
 I changed the design to have a well defined waistband and a front similar to the back:
I did a test run in jersey , with elastic waistband, in the same fabric as 2 of the tops so I can get a dress effect:
I an not really happy with the prints and stripes placement. I should not have rushed this but it is wearable in the summer:
The second one in the same suiting fabric as the jacket and with lining:

I was unsure of the skirt every step of the way but fully dressed up i actually loved the fit and the flattering shape. I hope i will wear it  even if it a bit more formal then my usual gear.

 The last items was a last minute top done In the same day I receives this beautiful pattern free from Lekala. I want to sew this top in woven but I thought it would be better to do it 1st in jersey just in case there are some fit issues, Lekala 4109.
I added sleeves and neck band and skipped the back opening:
I like the fit and length and I think I am set to do the next version but with small shoulders redrafting and maybe different sleeves ...


  1. You did great jobs! I love all! I haven't tried the Lekala patterns, but I love them. You are so talented:)))

    1. Thank you! Most of the Lekala patterns have interesting twists and they appeal to me. I also find myself more productive if I don't have to decide what size to trace in a pattern. I just wish more people would sew them so I can see more reviews.

  2. What an elegance!! This jacket is lovely!!