Monday, September 29, 2014

Loving owls top - Burda 04/2014 #122

   I had this top pattern traced for a few months now but I never seemed to find the time to do it. Not the best timing to do it now when the weather here just got cold and rainy. But I had trouble finding time and energy to sew lately so going for a pattern already traced seemed like a good idea.

   It is hard to see the pattern lines with all this colorful owls around so here is a look at the pattern:
   I like how the top turned out in the end. Is a bit lose on the shoulders. And I think I will add elastic to the sleeve hem after all. 

 But what I am proud the most is the inside. I added facing to the neck line and used bias bindings on all seams.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Nautical prints top - Vogue 1275

vogue 1275
I did another try for Vogue 1275 and I think this version is slightly better. The fabric ( the same from the sailor dress ) is softer and I think it stretches and drapes better. Once again I did a continuous binding at the neck line  and I cut the front panel seams and did the gatherings a second time. I start to find it important to keep all the extra fabric around the bust and not close to my belly.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Early fall in shades of green - Vogue 1275

vogue 1275
I have been very busy lately at work and with my son so sewing didn't got much time from me. In the meantime the fall have hit us and I have to take my projects in the new directions. I had a lot of flipping around patterns thinking what to do next. I settled  for Vogue 1275 and I was aiming of the tops for the fall to add to my wardrobe.

I am not 100% sure what I did wrong ( maybe the fabric, maybe the fit, maybe just poor sewing skills ) but it didn't turned out as great as in my imaginations. I feel like the gatherings in the front panel pop a little to much at the bust area and shape of the neck line is not my favorite. I tried to change it a little and I used binding all around it but is not how I wanted it. Also the fabric is not very stretchy and because of the that the sleeve is a bit to tight.
In the end is not really that bad and I will still wear it but probably not that much since I am not in love with the result. And that is a shape because I really liked this knit with this wonderful shades of green and a silky look ( the fabric looks a lot better in reality then the photos ).

I used this fabric for a gift project earlier this year and I am happy to have a little more room in my fabric stash closet even if not much.