Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last sewing in 2016 - black fur coats for little miss and mommy

Ever since the summer went away I keep imagining a fur coat for Eva. It should not have been something hard and the pattern in the last issue of Ottobre for 2016 was just the thing.
I had real trouble fining the proper fur. Not the right color, not soft enough, nothing clicked... This black fur was kind of a compromise... I just had to pick something and black was an OK color, it was pleasant to the touch and kind of cheap but .... not really what I wanted. The price helped me decide to make one for myself as well. I used the pattern from 1/2016 from burda style magazine for me.
 On the inside I used the left over fabric from the pink fall/spring coat with good thermal and moisture properties. The hardest thing was to make it close with a zipper and clear all the closing area from fur. That involved a bit of hand sewing.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Little things

I loved having coordinated outfits for us so I decided to make more. For this end of the year I managed to put together quite a few tops and pants for my little ones and one more Lillian top for myself. Used the same paterns I already had on my table with small variations.

The 1st items to make were 2 tops for Andrei and then a tunic for Eva combining the fabrics.
 And one more top from Andrei from a nice Fox Print Sweatshirt Fabric:
Then I did a 2nd Lillian for myself with a real wrap on the front insert this time and bell sleeves. I had to improvise a bit on the sleeves to make them fit in the 1 meter cut of fabric that I had:
In order to be able to do the binding I only sew a portion of the front insert , then the binding and then completed the insert. For this version I also reduced the flare:
I liked my top so I purchased another piece of that jersey and wanted to do something for the kids. I should have gone for a bigger cut... because at some point decided to do more then a top for Eva and I hadn't enough fabric. I made het top sleeveless and put it together from small pieces:
I modified Eva's pattern to have a deeper cut on the front insert and a wrap just like my own.
 I really liked the wrap front insert and I did a 2nd one for Eva:
I really liked this fabric tho wearing pants and top together may be a bit to much. This one matched one of the simplicity tops I made for 1 pattern many looks - here.

The last one I made is my favorite by far for Eva. I used the remnants from the skirt and top I made for my sister and I had to get creative since I didn't had enough fabric to cut the back so I made it with 2 ruffles and a bow. Even of most of the elements were done to hide the piecing of the fabric together I really really like how it turned out and how it fits her:
It is a bit shortcut I think it looks better like that and it is more comfortable like that for toddlers. Even knee length dresses annoys her while she is playing.