Saturday, April 25, 2015

Denim jacket - another McCall's 6844

McCall's 6844
This is the 6th and hopefully the last for now McCall's 6844.
   Just as the jacquard one and the eyelet one this is a view A front with view C back and rounded collar in the front. The only difference is the thin soft and stretch denim fabric I used and this time is size S. Is very light and I hope I will get a lot of use of it later this spring or in the summer on a colder evening.
   I didn't try to complicate myself at all this time and just kept it simple and straight forward and all went together in 2 1/2 hours including fabric cutting.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Fun bat wings tops - Vogue 8771

Vogue 8771
   I am a big fun of bat wings tops. Most of them are easy to sew and easy to wear. At least for me. I have this Vogue pattern for a while and always wanted to try it. So now was the time for it.
   I went with size M for a more lose fit so I can get my big belly into it and maybe use them after as well. I ended up doing 3 of this in different lengths starting from view A. After the 1st one I found that the sleeve was very comfortable like this and didn't wanted to try cuffs. The pattern is very simple : just 3 pieces:
   To all this I only added neck binding. I find it looks better with it and also had some concerns after reading some previous reviews mentioned issued with a very wide or gaping neckline.
   Is not the most very faltering top for my current shape but I feel good in them and I love the colors and prints. I do hope I will be able to use them after I deliver.
   The 1st one:
Vogue 8771
   The 2nd one:
Vogue 8771
   The 3rd one:
Vogue 8771
Vogue 8771
I will probably sew more of this in a smaller size in the fall.
My tops look quite decent with a skirt as well:

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Eyelet navy blue jacket - McCall's 6844

McCall's 6844
You probably already got bored with McCall's 6844 but I am not quite done with it yet.
This time is again view C in the back and view A in the front same as my mom's jacquard version. There are a few differences. This eyelet fabric had no stretch and was very unraveling. It was really not easy to sew. I left the seams allowances a little bit bigger after serging and topstitched every single seam. That seems to have given enough stability to this weird fabric.
 This time I didn't straighten and lengthen the front piece from view A and actually went with the pattern line. More by accident then intent but I think it gives the jacket a nice shape. Again I rounded the collar lower corners. Better like this.
McCall's 6844
McCall's 6844

I know I don't have the perfect shape for this jacket yet but I think it will look better on me soon:

I am quite pleased with my inside as well: