Sunday, April 12, 2015

McCall's no 3 - another McCall's 6844 went to my mom

McCall's 6844
After doing view C in a stiff floral print - here - and view D is a stretchy navy woven - here - I got to the conclusion that this views look amazing in the back it is just to much peplum in the front. So my next step was view C in the back and view A in the front.

This time a used a stretch jacquard, very pleasant to wear and touch. I really loved this new item. It turned wonderful in so many ways except the size ... M was to much for me but I guess it was all for the best. It just perfect for my mom and she loves it. A perfect unexpected Easter present for her.
 Doesn't my mom look happy and proud in it? I just love her look.
 I am also very proud of my inside. This time I only sewed one of the collar pieces of my body and the other one I folded and topstitched to hide that seam . I looks neat like this.

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