Saturday, April 4, 2015

Two more polka dots tops to my paternity TNT collection

maternity top
    I just love this new jersey fabrics. They are so fun to wear and stretch nicely on my belly without deforming themselves forever. And this my favorite maternity pattern seems to look just OK even without a belly I decided to do 2 more fest tops form it. It is my TNT from December : the velvet top and the dresses green and blue.
    Also I hope I can make it into this year wardrobe contest with some navy based collection  for my belly and after. So I made the inventory of my fabrics and was quite pleased with the pile I got.
    This 2 blouses sure make my belly look like a nicely decorated Easter egg.

And they look nice on the dress-form without the belly stretch :
The floral one is perfect and I LOVE IT!
But the navy one is a little bit weird with the side inserts and the neck is not as nice as it was in my mind... the opening is to big and not comfortable ... why , why did I had to improvise ?!? I look at the pictures and I don't think it looks that bad but something just feels off :(.
 Good thing is that I still have some fabric left so I will probably get a 3rd run at a top in this print.

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