Friday, May 1, 2015

First new baby items - a small serie of Sew Much Ado footed baby pants

Footed Baby Pants
The new baby should be here soon so I finally decided to start sew a little for her. I remember from the boy that footed pants were my favorite to use. It is a pain to try and keep socks on such little humans and with this you don't have to coordinate with the socks as well. I also remembered seeing some free pattern for it and it was not hard to find it again here. It is a simple pdf pattern and it is free for personal use:
   The only shame is that it comes in just one size. There are also some nice illustrated instructions provided and this time I actually used them since it wasn't 100% clear to me how and where to start even with all the matching markings on the pattern. The pinning goes a little crazy to the end but it was not as bad as I first expected working with such small pieces:
   I think I got a little carried away with all this prints ... but having a boy before I had to hold off on that a lot so... I deserved a little going crazy.
   Anyway I really love the results and hope they will be modeled soon.
   I am very proud of my print maching on the chevron piece. Also on this ones and the owls print I skipped the side seam ( put front and back together and cut as one piece).
footed baby pants
   Matching owls on foot top:
footed baby pants
footed baby pants
    Flower power - this was the test drive. I still have tons of this fabric left:
footed baby pants
   I have a similar solid green RTW but I think mine look less boxy and more comfortable.
    I even like mine better on the inside:
    I highly recommend this pattern for new babies.
    And they go really well with the matching wraparound bodysuits :

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