Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Magenta wool coat for Eva - Ottobre 1/2016 #5

I really enjoyed making and wearing my hoodie and I didn't bear leaving any of this beautiful fabric unused. I wanted to make Eva a small coat as well. It was a close call on the fabric and for the zipper facing and small cuffs I had to sew some small craps together. I barely had on square inch left in the end. I used the same Pocahontas jersey top I had close by and just split in on the center front to be easier to dress and undress and added the zipper and a hoodie ( so it will be more like mine).
It is a bit tight with the many layers he had under but hopefully she can wear it a few times when it is warmer or to some events that don't require standing to much in the cold before she outgrows it. It was really easy and fast to make like this with no extra time invested in pattern and the lining is the exact same cut with larger allowances to not pull.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Me & kids in coordinating outfits - Lillian, Pocahontas and Bla-Bla tops in black, white & greens

The holiday season is getting close and we wanted to create a feel of even closer in coordinating outfits. I got this green, black & white jersey a week or so ago at a real good price and I was happy with the thought that it will work well for all of us.  I was thinking about it until I saw my own pictures but I think this green will work really well for Christmas as well.
   I did my son top 1st. I picked up a simple pattern from Ottobre 1/2016 #11 - Bla bla blouse:
He is between sizes right now and it was in dear need of new tops. He is almost 4 and a half and I traced 110. It is still a bit to big but at least I can change sleeves. I loved how this one went for him even if I had to play a little with the neck binding to like it. I will be making him more.
The next one to go was Eva with the never to many Pocahontas tunics - Ottobre . I finally traced size 92 since she is growing so fast.
I skipped the neck split and tie and just widened the hole a bit. I think it looks a lot more elegant like this and the colors and print helps make this look less childish more stylish... 
I did mine last. I been hearing a lot lately about the Lillian top on PR and it was so close of the design Eva is wearing and the New look versions I just did that I had to try this one as well.
 I added 2 buttons to create some a wrap illusion and some asymmetry. The black panel looked huge and was asking for to much attention. I think this front insert goes a little lower then the New Look and Eva's pattern and I think shorter may be better. I did a size S picking it based on my bust measurement and it fit really well there. I liked that. The waist is OK for me but the A line of the hem I am uncertain of ... The shoulders are a bit to large and I should probably fix that next time I sew this. Since is winter and really cold here I made long sleeves.
I also made myself some earnings from the Fimo beads I bought a while back. It goes really well with the top.
I was happy that all projects went rather fast and I loved the feeling of all 3 of us belonging together in our matching outfits. I should have probably done something for my husband as well but I have no TNT for him. I still have some fabrics left so it is maybe not to late for that.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Blue wool & fur coat - Lekala 4482

   After doing the white wool coat there were still a lot of wander in my head: Should I have done it shorter? Should I have added more flare to the skirt ? Should I have added fur? Should I have used piping ?.... Was it me? Was it the pattern - Lekala 4482?
   I decided that I better put all those doubts to rest. So I bought a new piece of wool this time in blue and started all over again... this time with fur, short & piping... I was hoping I can make it fast and finish it in time for one pattern many looks... So I pushed and pushed and pushed and stayed up late 2 nights in a row... It was not that fast it still took 12-15 hours to make and that was with a bit rush. I think I should have taken more time with the details... I will probably redo the buttons and try to arrange the fur better at the bottom at least..
   Because of the fur I skipped the notch on the collar and cut it on piece:
That was actually the wrong direction with the fur and I had to re cut it.It was good that I had a bigger piece. I would not have liked to go back to the store for more...
   The under collar I cut it almost normally and sewed it to the front lapel completely.
I added piping and I think it gives a new dimension the the pattern and is really nice if you can do it. Though I would skip adding it to the sleeve cut and change the construction order so that the front to back would run uninterrupted.
Also decided the some pocket flaps with piping would look good. It might have been a dood decision this one.
I initially cut the lining from pre-quilted wadding but I was huge, really huge so I re cut it from the blue shirting fabric. I really like the look like that. I was in no mood for satin even if the more slippery touch is nice to have on the inside. I used the sleeve hole to turn the lining.
In the morning it was snowing very lightly. It was the first snow this winter. You can see a few snowflakes in my fur... I still have to rethink the buttons a bit - it looks like I run out of inspiration at the late hour that I have done them and I might have to hand sew that fur or trim it a bit to look better at the bottom but I am pretty much done. I would like to think that I will not do this pattern again thou there are still some questions left  and some answers were in a good direction.