Wednesday, November 9, 2016

One pattern, many looks - part 2 - the wool hoodie - New look 6432

   A store near by just got a really nice selection of wool fabrics for the cold weather. I was areal joy to look them up and feel them... but I only left with just one -  it is not cheap and it has a lot of volume... and promising that if I sew that one up I will return and buy some more... The white wool coat come together rather fast so this is my second purchase. The color is so sweet I could almost eat it... and it is more lightweight then the white coat.  Now that this is sewed up I can go buy one more i think... tempted to buy more white one or maybe some blues ...hmm will have to see.
   This fabric come right in the middle of my New Look 6432 storm and one pattern many looks contest so why to give it a try...
I made it a little longer and with shaped hem. I added a hood - I used the kid pattern from Andrei's rain coat and added a band to the middle and front to make it bigger. I added big large pockets to the sides. Inserted a zipper in the front yoke. I skipped gathering this sleeves and left them wide open with s small cuff the same size and the opening. The hoodie has a lining using the exact same pattern pieces but cut just a little bit bigger.
Loving it! The only downside is that it would have been easier to dress up if it opened fully but I think it is quite interesting like this and it's worth the extra effort to put it on and off.


  1. Very pretty pink sweater! You nailed it! I think it's really good for cold wether.

    1. Thanks! I'm kind of really happy with it too!