Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Magenta wool coat for Eva - Ottobre 1/2016 #5

I really enjoyed making and wearing my hoodie and I didn't bear leaving any of this beautiful fabric unused. I wanted to make Eva a small coat as well. It was a close call on the fabric and for the zipper facing and small cuffs I had to sew some small craps together. I barely had on square inch left in the end. I used the same Pocahontas jersey top I had close by and just split in on the center front to be easier to dress and undress and added the zipper and a hoodie ( so it will be more like mine).
It is a bit tight with the many layers he had under but hopefully she can wear it a few times when it is warmer or to some events that don't require standing to much in the cold before she outgrows it. It was really easy and fast to make like this with no extra time invested in pattern and the lining is the exact same cut with larger allowances to not pull.

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