Monday, November 21, 2016

Me & kids in coordinating outfits - Lillian, Pocahontas and Bla-Bla tops in black, white & greens

The holiday season is getting close and we wanted to create a feel of even closer in coordinating outfits. I got this green, black & white jersey a week or so ago at a real good price and I was happy with the thought that it will work well for all of us.  I was thinking about it until I saw my own pictures but I think this green will work really well for Christmas as well.
   I did my son top 1st. I picked up a simple pattern from Ottobre 1/2016 #11 - Bla bla blouse:
He is between sizes right now and it was in dear need of new tops. He is almost 4 and a half and I traced 110. It is still a bit to big but at least I can change sleeves. I loved how this one went for him even if I had to play a little with the neck binding to like it. I will be making him more.
The next one to go was Eva with the never to many Pocahontas tunics - Ottobre . I finally traced size 92 since she is growing so fast.
I skipped the neck split and tie and just widened the hole a bit. I think it looks a lot more elegant like this and the colors and print helps make this look less childish more stylish... 
I did mine last. I been hearing a lot lately about the Lillian top on PR and it was so close of the design Eva is wearing and the New look versions I just did that I had to try this one as well.
 I added 2 buttons to create some a wrap illusion and some asymmetry. The black panel looked huge and was asking for to much attention. I think this front insert goes a little lower then the New Look and Eva's pattern and I think shorter may be better. I did a size S picking it based on my bust measurement and it fit really well there. I liked that. The waist is OK for me but the A line of the hem I am uncertain of ... The shoulders are a bit to large and I should probably fix that next time I sew this. Since is winter and really cold here I made long sleeves.
I also made myself some earnings from the Fimo beads I bought a while back. It goes really well with the top.
I was happy that all projects went rather fast and I loved the feeling of all 3 of us belonging together in our matching outfits. I should have probably done something for my husband as well but I have no TNT for him. I still have some fabrics left so it is maybe not to late for that.


  1. I love your addition of the buttons on the Lillian top, and your daughter's dress is just sweet! I need to make my boys some pajamas myself!

  2. Wow! Very nice outfits! I love these of tops and earrings. These photos made me smile:)

    1. We got into the holidays spirit early this year! You reminded me that I have some earrings accessories that I can use! I should be making more soon. I love colorful earrings that match the outfit!