Monday, March 12, 2018

Family PJs

I am quite happy to have finished the kids spring wardrobes so early and submitted them to the PR contest. Then time has come to get heavily involved helping out with dresses for my sister in law wedding coming up in april. Hardly more then a month left till then and I am working to make the actual wedding dress and the progress is crazy crazy slow - will I really make it or will we need a last minute exit plan ?!? - can't wait to tell that whole story one day -, the bride day dress for the city hall ceremony - almost done just need to finish hand sewing the lining - and the mother of the bride dress - here I had a huge success this weekend with a totally new direction and fabric and the dress turned out really promising so far ... and I still hope to make a dress for myself and some little outfits for the kids... will I be sewing again 10 minutes before leaving home this time as well....?!?

So just to get my mind off al this I made some relay quick PJs for the kids and for myself. I really need to find some patterns worth upgrading my home rags. I tried the Lekala 4391 one seam leggings

I am not pleased at all with the Lekala leggings. Fot a custom fit based on your measurements it seems to much off : the waist is way to high in the front - the back is almost OK. To tight in the lower part and way to long... I am considering cutting some really old and comfortable pair to use it as patern rather the try another patern for those or fixing the lekala one...

For the top I used New Look 6404 unisex pattern.
I started by tracing view A size XS and it seemed huge then I realized there is another top patern available and is a lot more shaped and traced again size 8 this time. Not an amazing tee cut should be comfortable to wear around the house. I did both pieces in the same pale pink hearts french terry but it looked so washed out I made another tee with some contrast scraps and put a pocket too this time.
Eva's PJs use same fabric as base as mine but I like a lot for how Andrei's version turned out.
Went a bit crazy fabric shopping over the weekend with 8 new fabrics so my score is still tight Sewing 48 - Shopping 38.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

7th Butterick 6492 for my sister

I think I already said this quite a few times but I just have to say it again - I love Butterick 6492 - so much that I had to convince everyone in my life that they need one piece.
With my sister birthday coming up it was the perfect opportunity to make one for her. I let her have a pick for fabric in my stash and she choose  a red wool knit with amazing drape. I love the silhouette on her so much:
I used the exact same alterations to the pattern back and sides as for the big stripes version only that this time the fabric was lighter and more stable and the result was great.
   I was tempted to add a collar this time but my sister preferred simple so no collar:
To add to my joy she were it on her birthday so she must have loved it just as much as I did. Making things for people you love can be so rewarding.
 Still no shopping so Sewing 41 - Shopping 30.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Eva's finished wardrobe

Even before she was born Eva had a wardrobe entry every year. Items for her come easy so why not try to coordinate them a bit more and get a mini wardrobe with easy to mix and match items. I started all with a match your shoes setup with pink because it is her favorite color at the moment and purple to match the shoes. Next I did fireworks pants because it was good quality stretch cotton fabric and colors seem to match her pallet so far. I really liked the light blue on the fabric print and though a top in that shade would be perfect with it. And it was and even better it worked with the pink suit as well.
I was a bit in the dark though about that to do next to finish it up. I thought a lighter color top will work nice in the mix and found this great panel print fabric with black and white stripes and such a cute design in all the right shades for my girl. so this settled the last top.
The purple top and the fireworks pants we both so loud I felt it was a bit to much to the same wardrobe even if the colors coordinated nicely so I decided to make a quick short sleeveless dress/tunic that can be worn lone or over other tops in the same fabric as the loud pants.
And I think that made everything go together a lot better.
With this 2 tops this year's score becomes Sewing 40 - Shopping (still) 30 and this is not all I have been sewing lately...

Monday, March 5, 2018

Little men wardrobe

Participating in the wardrobe contests on PR I learned so much about coordinating the items I make. It all gets so much easier to wear when you sew a few items that can all go with each other. Last year I give up on trying to make an entry for myself and did one for my son instead and it was very rewarding. It also feels a lot more fair making one for him while Eva is always getting hers. And he is the best receiver of everything I make. I simply love, love, love sewing for my son.
   I found this years requirement rather easy: 1 topper, 2 bottoms, 3 tops.
   The first item I make were some pull-on black jeans. I have seen the patern for it in the latest kids issue 01/2018 #16 :
Used some fun lining for the pockets:
They looked rather OK and being black it will work with almost anything....
The next items I made was the panel print blouse - mainly because I decided to use the twin print for Eva and I wanted the 2 of them to coordinate with each other. I used the exact pattern as for eva only size 122 for him - Ottobre  6/2010 #15:
This also was the kind of top that goes with everything in my opinion.
From here on I try to actually make an wardrobe and up my game. Denim, specially stretch denim,  is one great fabric to wear for comfort and endurance and I been wanting a good denim jacket for my son so I decided to actually make one myself. I picket the pattern for cool dude denim jacket from Ottobre 3/2013 ( one of  my favorite issues of all times ) #27
I never make a jeans jacket so I needed some directions and I could not figure out what to do from just words. I needed pictures. So I looked online and found Hampton Jean Jacket Sewalong - an amazing resource if you plan to make a great jeans jacket. That jacket has a few more design features then this one but is still very close and helpful. I took a few pictures along the way myself this time:
And from the same fabric as the jacket made a new pair of jeans exactly as the black one:
Now I only had 2 tops left and it was time to some great coordination magic to tie the wardrobe together. I wanted a shirt in the wardrobe to have some more dress up options or to wear it over thirsts. I remembered ElizabethMadeThis had some cool raglan sleeved shirts made for her boys and since then I got my hands on that Ottobre issue and decided to use that pattern. It is a really cool pattern - Ottobre 3/2017 #25:
As you can see the collar is really weird and it looks upside down. I had to check and recheck photos and markings 10 times to confirm this is how it actually is... And the sleeve seem make for a great shaping on the shoulder. Loved that. I also had a long search for the right fabric but I think I found the perfect shades and print for this wardrobe plan:
And to close up I thought to do a simple short sleeved T-shirt in the right colors again and used the same pattern from the 1st top:
I am quite pleased with how everything went together:
The weather is still bad here and I continue to sew from stash so Sewing 38 - Shopping 30 this year with only the items I published and I still have a few made and not documented yet . Yey!