Friday, February 16, 2018

Pink, purple and rainbow together... to much?

The red Autumn Flower Blazer is one of my favorite items I made for Eva and she were it to shreds with the sleeves ending 3/4 and the front button bursting open... It was a big hit. And the pink coat with navy piping I made later that year was again worn over and over again. So I keep meaning to trace a new size from the pattern an I finally did it - Ottobre 4/2013#18:
This time I used 104 witch is a bit to big on Eva right now but I figured we could use some room to grow into...
For the pants I wanted something with pleats in the front and decided to try a new pattern - Ottobre 1/2016 #16:
Is still match your shoes contest time and I picked some purple sneakers to use for Eva's entry and a purple girly fabric with the shoes shade to complete the outfit. I used a new size id one pattern I really loved making for Andrei a long time ago when he was even smaller then Eva is now for a Halloween top that is still in great shape and was worn a lot - Ottobre 6/2010 #15:
So now does the hot pink, dark putple and rainbow stripes actually work together ....
The weird thing is that I could not help myself use some rainbow stripes for top sleeves and binding and made leggings to in the striped fabric.I wanted to use the simple design from Ottobre 1/2016 #15, Slimleg leggings,  but the pattern doesn't exist on the page they listed. I was really annoyed until I realized the #30 is the same pattern if I don't do the scallop thing. It is the 1st big mistake I ever caught in Ottobre magazines:
I think the leggings work great with the top:
I started working on a wedding dress today for my sister in law. I have no idea if it will become a real thing but I am exited about it. And hunting for supplies for the dress I discovered a beautiful green stretch denim I could not resist so Sewing 25 - Shopping 30.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A touch or orange - Jalie Eleonore and Simplicity 8168

There is some time since I tried to sew pants because I still prefer my RTW pants. With just a bit of patience I am able to find good ones to buy and then use my tops to get the right vibes... The only pants I sewed and were a lot were the Jalie pull on jeans and some Burda pants soneone traced for me a long time ago before learning to do that myself...  I recently managed to find some stretch denims to buy and decided to have another round of Jalies:
I initially embroidered the back pockets but I didn't really liked the design and the color I choose in the end and decided to just try have some fun with orange jeans thread and decorative stitches ...I skipped the center back top stitching since I was already overwhelmed by so much orange...
he fabric I think had a bit more then 20% stretch and I might have lost a little bit of weight since the last round of those so I think a size down might have been better ( and I cut a blue pair at the same time with this... bah... might be OK is I just take it in a bit on the sides).
There is a Match your shoes contest on PatternReview at the moment and I thought that I can get a quick entry in if I make a top to go with the jeans and a orange pair of flats I just bought for the spring.
The shoes are not that impressive but they are comfortable and that was very important to me and the color seemed fun so ...
   I picked Simplicity 8168 as the top pattern. I been meaning to try that for a while now so time to get it done. I really love the design lines in this:
It is a woven pattern but I knew it will not be perfect the 1st try so I cheated and used 4 way stretch knits for it and I was right to do it... The dart is to high for me and I think I need it smaller ... the sleeves feel a bit to large  but I think the over all design is promising so I will try to tune it for me and do it gain in woven. The fabric was to thin to do facings so I I turned the edges and cover-stitched them.
The top probably looks better with more skinny pants and the jeans looked better with the other shoes but ... done is always good.
I haven't bought any fabric this week so catching up a bit on my score : Sewing 21 - Shopping 29.
I finally managed to get some pictures with my dresses for the challenge hosted by ElizabethMadeThis and have to keep the secret for 10 more days :). Sew 2 dresses to join the #dayandnightdresschallage.