Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Adorable Turtles - home booties & pants - Burda 12/2010 #135

   I got a new embroidery machine 2 weeks ago - In-novis 750E and I had to celebrate it. So it was a little turtle fest. The applique design was offered for free I think some time but Adorable Applique site and is still available to buy now here.
   The shoes is the same pattern as the monkeys one tested here.
   The pants are from Burda Style Magazine  12/2010 pajamas 135 that I also worked for Christmas and that were a big hit with my boy - here.
   I am very happy with the result and even more happy that my boy loves them.
turtle home booties

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Maternity coordinates - Butterick 5796

Butterick 5796
I am trying to be true to myself and sew for my pregnancy. I had this promising pattern Butterick 5796 and I just had to try it. I was mostly drawn by the top on view D but I said I should try the pants as well.

   The end result was the other way around. I love the pants. They fit me perfectly. The top seems somehow odd. It may be because of my color blocking and some fact that I shorted it but still something is a bit off wearing it.Not much but still..
   The print fabric  is a 3D jersey and the black one from the top is some sort of sweater knit.
   I used size 10 for the top and 8 for pants. I did no alteration to the pants but for the top I had to take a little from the sides since it was huge at the belly.I also made it shorter and played a bit with the fabrics.
butterick 5796
Butterick 5796Butterick 5796
Butterick 5796
It is not perfect but it is OK and I can't wait to sew a new version of the pants for home. They really are very comfortable.

Home deco - small invasion of white polka dots on yellow

I love yellow and there is always so much you can sew for your home. So this weekend I did a little bit of sewing for my ironing table and for my chair. Is not much but it brings a lot of color and joy into the room.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cloth baby booties - new batch

cloth baby booties
   My biggest hit with my son in terms of sewing was for sure the various pairs of cloth shoes I made for him to wear at home and daycare. He simply loves them. It has been a while since I sewed any and all his other pairs are worn out and with holes... so it was past time to do some more and create a bigger size for the pattern as well.

   I was very happy to finally have some nice anti-slippery sole fabric ( I used leather for the previous pairs for sole but that is not easy to sew ... ).
    The drive test was a monkey version that I finished 2 days ago and is was a big hit again... My son loves them and he only agrees to takes them of if he is going out or sleeping ... I could not be more happy and of course I should sew more...
   I am also trying to get my pattern right for the newborn size since baby 2 will arrive soon so here are 2 newborn attempts that have been gifted already to friends:

A lovely yellow flannel version  :

 And a quilting cotton with musical notes:
And in the end 2 of my favorite past pieces:
And also from the past 2 full leather versions, one for my son and one for a girl :