Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Maternity coordinates - Butterick 5796

Butterick 5796
I am trying to be true to myself and sew for my pregnancy. I had this promising pattern Butterick 5796 and I just had to try it. I was mostly drawn by the top on view D but I said I should try the pants as well.

   The end result was the other way around. I love the pants. They fit me perfectly. The top seems somehow odd. It may be because of my color blocking and some fact that I shorted it but still something is a bit off wearing it.Not much but still..
   The print fabric  is a 3D jersey and the black one from the top is some sort of sweater knit.
   I used size 10 for the top and 8 for pants. I did no alteration to the pants but for the top I had to take a little from the sides since it was huge at the belly.I also made it shorter and played a bit with the fabrics.
butterick 5796
Butterick 5796Butterick 5796
Butterick 5796
It is not perfect but it is OK and I can't wait to sew a new version of the pants for home. They really are very comfortable.

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