Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Folk Costumes for the little ones

I like garments inspired by traditional folk outfits. I did one for my son a while ago and he grew out of it. I keep meaning to make more. On the 1st December is the day of Romania and we are celebrating the reunion of Romanian territories under the same state. It seamed like a good time to make those outfits. I also was inspired by the make your own fabric contest on PR but even if I did finish in time the sewing we left for a small holiday on 30 and had no time for proper photos and review.
   The masterpiece is Andrei's shirt. I used the latest Ottobre shirt - 6/2016 #23 as the starting point and just skipped the front opening and did a placket instead and large collar.
I love the hem of this shirt. I need to do more like that. I have been embroidering on it for hours and hours... I have a 5x7 inch loop and now I would have loved a bigger one. It is the 1st time when I try to embellish such a big surface and I did quite a few mistakes. I have to unpick and hand repair some and there are still plenty left... but over all I love how it turned out.
   I have used the free Children'S Embroidered Shirt design pack :
One of the snowflakes here:
And the birds Art Deco Set from artisticthreadworks:
   For Eva I used the same Pocahontas to pattern... how predictable is that!?!... but I altered it a lot so it is not really recognizable:
For Eva the fabric is different and is an embroidered batiste- very light and beautiful. Sadly after the 1st washing the blue color in the center of the applique flowers faded significantly. I may fave to bring it back somehow.
For both of them I used the softer batiste fabric to fully line them and make them more pleasant on the body:
Eva's apron is cut from an authentic handmade towel. I used crochet work trims and other lace appliques for Eva's dress. I didn't had the time and patience to do some elaborate embroidery for her as well. Next time...
We used this outfits for the Romanian night party and for the tree decorating on the eve of St Nicholas:
 The sweet winter holidays are already here for us:


  1. Those are beautiful. Nice job on the embroidery.

  2. I love traditional folk outfits. Andrei's shirt is a work of art. It fits him wonderfully too. How special it must have made him feel to have such a lovingly made shirt. Do I spot another young gentleman in a traditional shirt?

    Eva looks adorable in her dress. She is so full of charm. My favorite shoes with her dress are the black boots. So cute!

    1. Andrei's still small enough to be easy to please. He is quite proud of the things I make for him and is prompt in telling everyone that his mom made him what he wears. He only complains if the fit is bad. There was another boy in s white and blue shirt and he was rocking his as well. That shirt was part of my gift to him on his birthday this year and I was so happy to see him wearing it. It was not made by me though, just bought.
      Eva seems to wear well everything I give her. She's only 1,5 years old but still spends an insane about of time dressing and arranging herself. Those boots were not easy to find. It seems like 90% of children shoes have to have some drawing, 4-5 colors, glitter, ... I really hate most of the things RTW have to offer for small girls.