Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Folk costume for my little boy

romanian folk costume
I can't even remember when I started to dream about making costumes for my kinds. I was for sure before I had a kid or a sewing machine. I always thought that moms who can do that are so awesome and who doesn't want to me an awesome mom ...Thins was my first chance. 1st of June is children day for us my boy was having a small celebration at the kindergarten and was required to have something to resemble a traditional Romanian  costume. It is not hand embroidery and there are not exactly the right motifs but I think is not that bad either for a modern interpretation.

I used cotton cloth and some kind of ribbon.  Here are some details about how I did it:

There was a lot or work sewing all those tapes but it was all worth it. Andrei looks so nice in it.
And here he is using it again again 6 month later at the Christmas celebration at daycare. 

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