Sunday, June 8, 2014

Poppy Pants

poppy pants
There are about 3 years since I made any pants ( maybe 2 if we cont the pregnancy ones - but those had no zipper closing and lycra for waistband ). I have a basic pattern traced for me 3-4 years ago that used to fit so perfect. I didn't know if the pattern still fits me or what kind of changes or allowances I used on them so I decided to do a test run. I wasn't very fond on this fabric. It looks really nice in pictures but in reality the poppies a bit to orange for my taste... I didn't expected much from this try but once they were ready I loved them. The pattern was traced for me by my instructor in a basic sewing class I took back when I started sewing. I didn't change much to it except leaving a little less for seam allowances and and shorten them ( I don't have such long legs). Is summer here and it starts to get hot I liked them better gathered a bit on the sides.

Here is how the pattern looks like: 

poppy fabric

And a few photos from this Sunday afternoon:
poppy pants