Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sew little, smile big... ( pants )

It is so nice to see this big smile wrapped in something nice that mommy made. I can never wish for a better modeling... It is not easy for me to sew for a boy. But I am trying. So here is my practice run. Easy knit pants and a blouse . I used ready to wear to trace the pattern.

boys pants pattern
boys pants pattern
The 1st two pair that I completed seemed a bit tight so I did what I usually do when I mess up.  I try to rethink and change the design to cover it up. Think time I cut the side and added some printed fabric stripe.
Robert Kaufman fabric
I really liked the result so I decided I will keep doing thins on purpose. I already did a black pair as well with a stripe of hearts:
bpy pants tutorial
And since hearts should not be alone for to long I also sew a heart blouse for him:
boy hearts blouse
hearts blouse for kids
Maybe all this hearts are a bit girly but I have confidence that he is man enough to pull it off.

I like not to worry about this cloth when he plays or eats... and for that he can never have enough cloths. This knit pants closed in the overlock  sewing machine are so fast to make so I decided I should do more. So here is the stripe mini series:
boy pants tutorial
I didn't like to pairs the same so I played with the stripes ( the fabric was double stretch ). 
I would still like to do so many more but we will see ...

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