Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer is here with colors and bags...

fabric handbag
 Bags, bags and then some more bags. Is like the center of my sewing universe. I do what I do and then bags again. Maybe because there is easier to me o create a pattern for them.  Just 3D math... Maybe because I can play with my quilt fabrics... Maybe because hardly ever see a non boring bag out in the street. everyone seems to be using such plain bags... I don't know what it is... but I love making bags.
Silk Road Punch fabric

I  used the base part pattern from a bag I created for a sewing contest on LucruDeMana forum quite some time ago... There are a lot of things that I did wrong with that bag but I loved it.  There is yet no do over...

Here are a few photos from the execution:

And since I was talking about my old contest bag let me show my entry from bag there to you:

fabric flower

 I really with I would have kept the back and the handlers more simple. Also I was to new back then to a better curved line between the 2 pieces. I didn't behave to well. But it was a lovely bag.

Right after the contest with all the frustration of thing I have done wrong I did a new one. A smaller one. I love that better. Let me show it to you:
Looking back I see that I improved the quality of my zippers and my handlers are now better integrated and more solid... but my interior pockets remained exactly the same :) .

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