Friday, May 8, 2015

Baby wraparound bodysuits - Ottobre 06-2007-5

 Ottobre 06-2007-5
Even a month ago I would not have even think to try make a bodysuit for the baby. It seems like there is a lot of work for it and too difficult for me. But in weekend I got some plastic snaps from my sister in law and her installation tools and I was amazed about how well and easy they can be attached. I was hooked. For now I only have 2 colors but I ordered more. It will take a while to get them but I had to try and do this pattern now because I know this is what the baby will really wear.
I traced 56 and now looking at the pattern photo I realized I put the snaps wrong but I am OK with them like this. I also don't have the skills to do that beautiful RTW look of the rib binding but my self bias gave it a clean closing and firm edge.
I did 5 of this ( the owls print twice ) :
 played a little trying to match strips on the chevron fabric :
 the gingham will be so good with all the other items I sewed lately :
 And I still have way to much of the flower power print. I am a little bored with it but is really good quality fabric and it will be good for the baby to be in it:
And each of them has a matching footed baby pants:

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