Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rainy Sky leggings - Ottobre 04-2012-2

Rainy Sky leggings
Last week I traced quite a few baby patterns so I will have from what to choose if I decide to start sew. One of the patterns was the Rainy Sky leggings from the Ottobre magazine issue 4/2012.
   The side seams and the leg inseams are ruched at the knees, adding ease of movements. It looked like a comfortable pair of pants with the high waist and the extra ease at the knee. I was reserved about the bows but I did them just to see how it looks like and they are actually cute.
 They can go with or without the bow:
 They also match some o my previous strawberry girl tunic:
   Once I realized that it shouldn't be a front seam I start thinking this is a good pattern for more busy prints as well so I did 2 more pairs in the flower power & owls print:
Rainy Sky leggings
Rainy Sky leggings

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