Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Peplum flower print woven jacket - McCall's 6844

McCall's 6844
    I just love contests on Pattern Review. There are so many and it is always so good to have an extra push to sew and finish something and share it with the rest of amazing sewing community out there. I was looking for a cardigan pattern for a long time and I never felt I found the right one or I was just to afraid to try it. This last contest really made me take a look at McCall's 6844 and give it a try. And I must say that I totally get it why it was voted best pattern of 2013. It is amazing. I love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It had 4 views and all have their charm. It looks quite sophisticated for a cardigan but it all goes together so fast and it is so easy to sew it. What can you want more?

   I wanted to do view D but I didn't had enough fabric for it so I had to settle for view C. I think both peplum views are quite nice.
   I choose  once again to experiment on fabric and I didn't used knit but a rather stiff cotton with very very little stretch. I was a little afraid it will not fit me and it is a good think I traced the largest size in my envelop ( M ). The fit was quite good. I only had to take in a little bit at the shoulders  - to wide for me - and the sleeves would have been good to be a little bit larger with my fabric. But I am very well pleased with the shape of the finished product.
   I know it doesn't go that well my my big big belly but I still love it and I can't wait to try this pattern  again ( and again ... and again ...).
McCall's 6844
McCall's 6844
McCall's 6844
McCall's 6844


  1. Imi place imprimeul , iti sta foarte bine, vad peste tot imprimeuri florale, le admir, dar parca nu ma incumet. Mie imi place ce ai facut.

    1. Multumesc Izi! Sa stii ca nici eu nu ma prea bag la imprimeuri florale. Sunt mai mult atrasa de imprimeurile geometrice sau abstracte sau buline. Dar din cand in cand e nevoie si de niste floricele ca sa vina primavara!