Monday, March 30, 2015

Adorable Turtles 2 - top & pants - Ottobre 6/2010 #15

Ottobre 6/2010 #15
   I had a blouse started as well when I did the adorable turtles embroidery set - here - that I only got to finish this days.I had troubles with the neck band - stupid fabric not stretchy enough...   In the end I settled for this contrast red and did 2 pairs of pants as well to match it.
  The pattern is from Ottobre magazine and I used it before for the pumkin blouse.
   The applique design was offered for free some time but Adorable Applique site and is still available to buy now here. This time I tried some new color scheme and I am very happy with the result. Since I didn't trust the knit to hold such an applique being sewed into it I did it on a different fabric then cut it off carefully and just did some minimum stitching to hold it.
   I didn't look that great this time but the boy seems happy with it and it goes nice with the turtle home shoes I did for him before.

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