Monday, November 3, 2014

My Little Pumpkin - Ottobre 6/2010 #15

My son had some special activities for Halloween at his day-care and we were required to dress them in black/green pants and orange T-shirt. Not a hard requirement at all but after spending some time shopping nothing seemed right to me.  All the orange tops I could find were covered in a lot of writings or pictures I just didn't like. So at the last moment I decided I should just do it myself. It sure goes with my determination to make costumes for him.
   I had bought some Ottobre issues for kids some time ago but I never got to sew anything from them. So this was my 1st Ottobre and I just love it. LOVE IT! The raglan sleeve had such a beautiful curvy shape and the fit was perfect. I think it really looks better then most of the store bought he has.
    I only had 2 orange fabrics in the house : a corduroy with spandex and a thin micro-fleece.The micro-fleece was very soft and I think he loves wearing it. For the sleeves I cut into an old black T-shirt of mine that I new it had good fabric. I skipped the cuffs since I thought the orange fabric will be to thick if putted on 2 layers.
   I traced and cut size 92 and it all come together rather fast. It is the 1st time for me when the neck binding actually fits in well. So one more thing to be happy about.
   The Jack-o-Lantern face applique is a free design that can be downloaded here.
   The pattern is more clear on the hanger:
   ....but a lot more cute on my boy even if I can't get him to stay still for 2 straight seconds :

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