Sunday, April 5, 2015

Scalloped navy blue jacket - McCall's 6844

McCall's 6844
Update : there is a new version of this here.
I loved the recent peplum jacket I sewed from McCall's 6844 so I deiced to try it again in a more soft and stretchy navy woven that I had plenty from a really good deal at a local shop -  it was very cheap since they thought it had defects - it turned out that it was just dirty - nothing wrong with it after washing. I kinda regretted not doing view D in the fist place ( not enough fabric )  so I went for view D this time. 
McCall's 6844
The side seam on the peplum didn't made sens to me so I removed it this time. I also felt like it was to much peplum in the front the 1st time so I reduced it a little bit. It turned out I should have reduced it a lot more. It was still way way to much fabric in the front.
It was an old dream to do a scalloped jacket so I thought this is the moment to play with the collar:
I also played a little bit with the sleeves and added some bow shaped cuffs.  Not as cute as in my mind. I should have probably did the bigger or something.

This time the fabric was far from stiff so it had a lot more to give the whole result felt like 2 sizes bigger then the 1st jacket. I decided I will probably add some closing system since now it can go around my belly and just side it down or gift it to someone else after I deliver.
McCall's 6844
Even with all my issues with this jacket I got it out in the park today and it is not that bad.