Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sailor dress - Vogue 8649

vogue 8649
   This is the 6th project from the Vogue 8649 collection and by far my favorite. Nautical inspired garments are one of my favorites and this fabric print was so perfect. It was a beautiful cotton knit in white, navy and read. Half of the fabric had circles print and a wide border of stripes on both sides. I really loved how the ruffles shaped the owl dress skirt so I went for ruffles again. I wasn't planing to use circles of the waist  but I had some limitations using the fabric and that was fortunate in the end. This way it looks like the dress has some belt and the change of print in the bodice make it look a little like a princess seam dress. But is not, it is just the same easy pattern. The collar is just a simple strait scarf sewed in the neck line and This time I added a small facing at the neck just to hide the collar seam.  I also sewed the front pieces together like I did for the jersey leaves top instead of overlapping them. I am so happy to be able to finish it in time for this extended weekend to the beach.

The pattern lines and the seams are more obvious on the back:

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