Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pink tee - Vogue 8649

pink tee keyhole
The journey of the Vogue 8649 pattern continues with a failure. I was very exited when I started the pink tee. I love pink and when I managed to do the keyholes in the back so nice I was sure this was a home run... Being the 3rd tee on this pattern I didn't do any attempt to try it while sewing. Not sure if that would have helped. When the tee was ready it seemed OK and I am happy I was able to take some pictures before everything fell apart. After wearing it for half an our it already started to feel lose and after wearing it for half a day around the house now it feels like is 3 numbers to big. It just stretched and stretched and never bounced back. Damn you cheap fabric. I for sure will be more selective when buying knits after this. I really wanted to love this tee but after all this all under bust seam is a mess and the front crossing is off .... I don't think it is worth the effort to try and fix it. So if you want to do this pattern please try a high quality knit that bounce back nicely. Is really important for getting a nice drape on the bust and a firm seam under the bust.

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