Wednesday, July 30, 2014

White summer jacket - Vogue 8232

Vogue 8232

After doing the velvet and fur coat I realized it will not work for my mini-wardrobe entry on PR. It all is so obvious to me now that I don't know how I could ever think otherwise. I think I just wanted to to the coat and tricked myself into thinking it will work with the dresses. So today I was in need for a quick fix. After going through all my patterns I settled on Vogue 8232 jacket. It seemed doable in just a few hours and a good fit to my dresses.
 This is a very lose fitting. I think that size 6 had 104 cm for bust. That is a lot....  The sleeves are also very large so you will need a fabric with nice draping.  All went down very fast except attaching the neck band. It took me 2 seam reaping to be OK with the gathering. All things considered I think this is a very good option for summer and it goes great with my current dress collection.

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