Monday, July 14, 2014

BurdaStyle summer outfit ( 06-2014-124 + 07-2014-111)

burda 07 2014 111
Last week I tried 2 of the latest Burda patterns and I got some funny shorts and an OK beach top.  But I was not 100% pleased with any of them. Sure I love the shorts but they are a bit to tight and to short and the blouse I can only wear it to the beach being so transparent... So this week I gave them another go.  This time it was the other way around... love love love the blouse and the shorts get just my OK.

I tried to fix and improve everything but I am not sure all changes were good for the pants. I added the wrap panels to the back as well ( not so bad idea but it should have been somehow longer ). I wanted to add some ease but I got a crappy fit for the shorts this time. The good part is that they are a lot more conformable and easier to wear with the extra length.

The blouse on the other hand turned out just perfect. I had the inspiration to add the band to close the sleeve and now I just love the way it sticks with my hand and I can wear my hand on either of the sleeve holes. Also instead of the split in the back I did a keyhole.

burda 07 2014 111

 Some photos indoor : the colors are off but you can see better the shape and the drape for the blouse:

Previous pair of wrapped front shorts here.
Muslin for top here.

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