Friday, July 25, 2014

Navy polka dots dress ( BurdaStyle 07-2014-111 + Simplicity 3544)

Burda 07 2014 111
A navy polka dots dress was often on my mind. But I never seemed to find just the right fabric for a dress until last week. And now that I had the fabric that I absolutely love ( it is very soft and pleasant when I touch it, it has nice draping and I can breath in it ) I realized I don't have a perfect pattern for it. I didn't wanted to do many cuts since the dots are quite big and didn't want to ruin their flow and that limited my options.

After waiting this long for this dress I didn't want to wait just as long to find a perfect pattern so I got working right away with the patterns I already had cut on my table from recent projects and it went smoothly. Here are the puzzle pieces :
Burda 07 2014 111

The top is size 34 with almost no alterations. I may add the sleeve band to close the sleeve that I did for the top to the dress as well and  I didn't do the split in the back.

For the skirt I did a full circle as big as the fabric with ( 1,4m ) allowed and the did another circle for the waist so I will have the desired  length for it. The waist opening was almost twice of what I need ed but I wanted to gather it to have more volume. Not sure if such a big and gathered circle was the best decision for the print but I just love my dress to much to have any second thoughts ...

The waist is white as the bias binding and the underskirt and it has a medium width elastic band. 

The pocket are from the retro apron : 2 layers of fabric and no interfacing since I wasn't going to attach them on the grain of the skirt fabric and I needed them to have some flow as well. I just love having big pockets.
Burda 07 2014 111

Burda 07 2014 111
Burda 07 2014 111
Burda 07 2014 111
navy polka dots dress

Now I just look at it and wandering if my dress is at least a little bit retro. I love retro dresses.


  1. It's charmingly retro. I like the circle skirt on the bodice of that dress. Good mash-up.

    1. Thanks for your comment. In my dreams there was a retro navy polka dots dress but then I was to much in a hurry to just sew it to go through my retro patterns ....