Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Miss Fancy Hair Dress - Butterick 5747

Butterick 5747
Ever since the PR contest with vintage patterns and old flame was alive again. I just love retro dresses so much and I wanted to make some for myself. But I didn't had the courage to do it until now. I didn't feel I had the skill to do it but I had to try. The result was way better then I dared to dream for the 1st try.

Te pattern is Butterick 5747- view A :
   All seemed so complicated and scare in the beginning. I opened the envelop a few times starting to look at the pattern pieces and instructions and then just closing it back and run away in fear...  It has a lot of pattern pieces and most of them I just had no idea where it will end up. This is the most complex project for me so far.
   But I wanted the dress so I decided to take baby steps and do one thing at a time instead of trying to figure it all out from the beginning. The pattern has the final garment measurements for each size for bust, waist and hip and that helped deciding what to trace. I just couldn't bear to do a muslin first and I have a lot of this fabric so I was ready to sacrifice it. I traced 12 for most of the pieces going to 10 at the bust line and 14 at the waist. It was not a bad call but if I ever sew it again I will add a even more ease at the waist - it is still a bit to tight.
   It took me a whole evening just to trace the pattern and then another one just to cut the fabric. I was expecting this project to last for a long time already. But the sewing was so much easier then I expected ... I didn't even notice the time passing and the dress was almost ready. The only part that is still a little cloudy for me is the skirt closing and interfacing in the front but it turned out OK. It took some time to get the buttonholes and the hem done but now is ready and I already had taken it out in the weekend.
  It feels so great to be in such a dress ( even with the little mistakes I put in it : it has a small defect because I cut a buttonhole in the wrong place - lucky is not very noticeable with the busy print ; is gaping a little at the waist line because is a bit to tight  - I should wear it with a belt ).
  All in all I am very happy with my 1st retro dress and with this pattern.
Butterick 5747Butterick 5747

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