Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Retro coat - Butterick 5716

Butterick 5716

Vintage looks hold some sort of fascination to me. I am not sure if this patterns really suits me but I sure want to try them. I bought Butterick 5716 because it looked sophisticated and easy at the same time. For a long time it has been black coat with black fur in my mind but I didn't yet found the fabic that felt right. To day I stumbled upon this green plaid cotton velvet and I thought it may work with my pattern. I went in a hurry to the fabric store  to find a fur for the contrast part and got home and start cutting and sewing. I was quite motivated to finish all before 1 august for the mini wardrobe contest so I worked with just minimum breaks.  I had 2 dental implants yesterday so sewing was a good distraction from the big swallow on my face.

I worked with the XS sized and I only did minimum changes : shorted the sleeve so the cuffs will not be folded,  just slightly enlarged the armhole and put the pocket a little higher and did a simpler version for pockets. The original pockets would just had to much volume in fur.

The velvet is very thick and it was perfect for this coat. It has just the right amount of stiffness and draping. The fur on the other hand is a bit to stiff. Now I wish I would have only used velvet.

I am also very proud of the lining. It is a printed sateen. But is a good quality one and it feels more like silk then other sateen fabrics  I have worked with. And the color and the print are just lovely.

And here is me wearing this monster. In the end I decided I didn't really like the coat but that is because the fur is to stiff and it is very had to coordinate with something.


  1. You look absolutely adorable in this coat! I love it. My daughters would go crazy for a coat like that.

  2. This is lovely! I found your blog when I was searching for others who had made this coat. I really looks wonderful.