Thursday, July 26, 2018

Too many polka dots !?! Burda Capris 07/2018 #102 and Simplicity 1539

   Stripes and polka dots... stripes and polka dots... I had a lot of this fabrics pulled out of my stash lately and I really loved this crepe rayon with big dots. I was hoping I will use it for a different project but after some consideration I decided it will not work... 
So 2 nights ago I cut my first SytleArc pattern. I was way too tired to start sew it but still in the mood to sew something so I used one Burda Capris 07/2018 #102 that I just tested during the weekend and found way to large but also comfy ( I will have those photographed at some point I hope...):
   For this project I wanted a long legg and not as full as the ones I got using straight size 38. So I used the hem line from design 101 and added about 2 inches ( 5cm ) more. I reduced a lot of the fullness and also eliminated the side seam both accomplished buy overlapping the 2 pattern pieces and flat measure the leg width until I got that I wanted. (To be able to easily pull them on but nothing more than that). The ties also had to go. They are cute but not for the long length.
   Those went together really quick and the felt good to me so decided to make a matching top from the leftover piece. After trying on a few tops I own I decided a peplum one could work so I pulled out Simplicity 1539:
And I cut view E  with short sleeves and no bow. Also got the peplum a bit longer. I barely had enough fabric for it all but I did it... I did most of the set that same evening/night and then some finishing touches yesterday and now I am wearing a new outfit.
   I am not 100% sure how I feel about the look, but I really like the fabric - it is very pleasant to wear and the whole design is comfortable so it might work for me
What do you think?
 Busy sewing and no time shopping so Sewing 112 - Shopping 93.


  1. Perfect matching! I love both projects, and they look stunning on you. You always make a beautiful work.

    1. Thank you so much Eli! I am very pleased you like it!