Monday, July 23, 2018

Stripes and fairy wings for me - Lekala 4261

So the Fairy wings pattern from summer Ottobre was a real hit and of course as soon as I find a new style for Eva I get intrigued by it of me. I found Lekala 4261 that is incredible close:
I still have a lot of free patterns won with weekly contest from Lekala so I got it ordered as soon as I realized is the same style as Eva's. The nice thing about moving with work downton is that I have a big copy shop on close walk distance and I could get a A0 print right away. It is only one page if you skip the 1st and last page that have nothing to do with the pattern.
   I thought it might be fun to play with some stripes and see it done in stripes. I had some colorful cotton batiste  that looked delicious, was really comfy to wear and it should have no pull if I doubled the ruffle.
   What I didn't take into account was how easily it shifts because it is so thin. And then the joy of matching stripes with a  shifting piece... I didn't hated a fabric this much while sewing since I worked with silk....
  The pattern repeat was quite big and the stripes uneven so it took me a while to decide on the fabric placements.
  I pieced the front:
  And cut the back on bias. I realized kind of late I will not have enough fabric for back pieces so I pieced the back as well:
This is the result. I find it kind of cute but the fabric might be a bit to thin for it. I am tempted to give it a second try.

Sewing 109 - Shopping 93.

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