Friday, July 20, 2018

Roses and polka dots - Butterick 5980 spiced up with Vogue 1542

When polka dots and stripes contest was getting close I was looking for some fun fabric to work with and I found this really fun polka dots fabric:
The black and white always looks good and just a little fun with those roses and color reverse border. The fabric was 100% cotton with zero stretch and not the best drape so it was a bit challenging deciding on a pattern to go with. But then I remembered Butterick 5980. I think this pattern will work with any fabric and it looks so so cute in all versions I made before:
I was a bit worried about how those roses will break in so many seams but I think I managed to do OK.
I remembered that for my sister in law wedding I compared this dress straps with the ones from the wedding dress : Vogue 1542:
I found out that the 2 straps are pretty close in length and width so I thought it might me fun to use the Vogue ones this time and maybe the neckline embellishment idea as well. I played around with petals and vines variants and I am not sure I found the perfect one in the end but is still so cute:
 I decided the lighter version looks better but I could not resist mixing 2 black vines as well:
 Did I picked well? Should I have made them shorter and mabe leave some open ends on the flower side as well. Maybe... I might try this again and hopefully do better :).
  On previous versions of this dress I put lining and tulle underskirt under this dress and I was ready to do that again as it gives a nice fullness to the dress but this fabric was so light and breathable that I just added a self drafted facings to the neckline and let it simple.
  I added a ruffle trim to the hem that I think it goes great with this dress.
  As was expected Eva looked really good in it and was happy with it:

After looking at the photos and  reading reviews of the vogue pattern a few more times I redid the vines positioning shortening them to one side and making them curl on the flower side as well:

I am still in shopping frenzy - 6 new fabrics since yesterday ... Sewing 108 - Shopping 93.