Tuesday, July 24, 2018

More fun with stripes- fairy wings jumpsuit

 I really liked the hearts jumpsuit I made for Eva and i wanted to make one with 3/4 leg length and since this month theme is stripes and polka dots and Eva already had 2 dots dresses made for her I thought it might be fun to play with some stripes this time.
 I decided to use the same upper part from Ottobre  3/2018 #10 - fairy wings dress and the leggs from Ottobre 3/2015 #14 - Passerine Overall.
I replaced the back keyhole with an exposed red zipper and played a bit with stripes in the front:
 I also added a vent and a bow to the hem.
 I made the wings larger than the pattern.
 It didn't turned out as great as in my mind but I think is kind of cute and fun:
Sewing 110 - Shopping 93.