Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The 2015 burda summer outfit with take 2 - Gaucho Pants 05/2014 #120 and the trapezoid top 07/2014#111

  After the Burda Gaucho pants no 1 it rained with this. I didn't love them as much but they were so easy to make and even more comfortable to wear that I did 2 pairs for each me, my mom and my mother is law.
   The starting point for all 3 of us was the same huge size 42 Burda 05/2014 #120. I only played with the leg flare and the length even if my husband's mom and me are quite a few sizes apart.
   The second to come were the red ones for my mother in law. I left the crotch the same and only added a bit extra to the sides and length since she is much taller then me. They are not that great but I liked them and went just perfectly with all 3 tops I bought for her birthday this summer. She really wanted some of this so she seamed very pleased with my gift. Is very hard for me to find something to sew for her since she had a very different body then mine but whenever I manage to do something she wears it around me and not only and she brags with me even if my items have small defects. I love her for that.
 The next one is still hers. A long version less wide and with the side seam and pockets skipped:
I absolutely loved this navy printed rayon and that made that all 3 of us got a pair in this fabric and I even made a top out of it - one of my favorite burda patterns - the trapezoid top 07/2014#111
I had 4 more of this top made before: the muslinthe topthe dress and the maternity knokoff.
So here is the version for me:
 For my mom I did 2 short versions. She 1st wanted to go with a busy floral print but I turned fer attention to polka dots to the last minute and I am so glad I did. I love how this print works with this pattern. Here is her pants:

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