Monday, January 12, 2015

Bargainista/Fashionista Contest - My Olian Colorblock Chiffon Maternity Top - Burda 07-2014-111

Burda 07-2014-111

I love the idea behind Bargainista/Fashionista Contest on Pattern Review. I am no good at doing imitations but it sure is fun to try and of course you will never get better without exercise. So this is my attempt to copy one of the maternity top from Nordstorm shop - Colorblock Chiffon Maternity Top.

I started from a pattern well known to me from Burda 07-2014-111 - the split sleeve trapezoid top :
 that I already have sewed 3 times : the muslin, the actual top and the dress.

This time I removed some part from the sleeve ( the pink hash ) :
 I added a front seam to be able to add more room for my belly and hide it behind the white strap.
I am not sure what the fabric actually is since I got it from be small coupon box at a local store - 5 RON each ( that is about 1.3$ ). They put in this box pieces that are to small to sell as they are or have small defects and you can always find some interesting fabrics here if you are into small projects or open to combine them with something else to get your pieces.

The result is far from perfect but I think it is fun to wear and I am happy with it.

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