Sunday, August 2, 2015

Little baby dress - ottobre 3/2013 #3

I really hated how the previous dresses I made for Eva ended up gathering all under her arms when she was "playing". So I stopped having her in dresses for a while. Then I wanted to try something else. I wanted to stabilize the dress under her diaper just like with the bodysuits. So I took the latest bodysuit I made for her ( Ottobre 3/2013 #3) and turned it into a dress.
I actually traced 62 this time since 68 was a little to big for her and I wanted something more fitted for the dress and I cut back front and back piece in the middle so have a seam to insert the skirt. The skirts have almost no gatherings in the back since she will be sitting on her back and I wanted it to be comfortable and is a lot more full to the front.  I also cut the upper front piece and closed it with snaps. The skirt has side seams and are sewed together with the rest of the body so it will not run up. Instead of rib binding I used same soft cotton lace tape to finish the edges.
I even did a fitting session with a few pins and a different sash but the big red one looks better:
She were it on her way to the baptize and changed at the church in one provided by her godmother.


  1. Dragut material, vad ca folosesti tiparele ottobre. Eu urmaresc rusoaice si la ele a ajuns revista, numai in Romania nu. S-o comanzi de la ei, e cam scump transportul.

    1. Da si mie mi-a luat ceva timp sa ma indur sa o comand dar acum nu mai am nici un regret. Astea de copii vin turnate si au multe detalii care le scot din anonimat. Doar tiparul de pantaloni de barbati ma dezamagit da ala nu era specialitatea lor ci mai mult un experiment. Am un mare teanc de burda din care nu am lucrat nici un model si un alt teanc din care abia am lucrat cate unu. Si cele mai multe rateuri la marime le-am avut cu Burda cred ca iar o sa renunt sa o mai cumpar....