Sunday, August 2, 2015

A little color to my home

A little while ago before Eva come home we had to take the crib from Andrei and prepare it for her. So we got him a new bad from Ikea. To make it more attractive I made him some really fun bedsheets as well.
He used to have some fun ones for the crib as well:
The bed is extendable. Now it is set to 1.3 m but can go up to 2m and the mattress had 3 parts as well: one to the current size and 2 small ones that can be added later:
 Since we don't use them for now I made him a small couch out of it:
They all had such a huge success that I wanted to make him another broadsheet so when I stumbled upon this aphabet fabric I bought it right away:
 Here is the new set :
The bed-sheet has an elastic hem to make sure it stays put:
 It was so fun watching him enjoy it that I wanted one for my own bed:
The pillows are closed with a hidden zipper. I like them a lot like that:
 And to commit my room more to the new violet-pick theme I made a new cover for the bad tapestry and new curtains:


  1. Ce frumoase sunt asa colorate, vesele....!

    1. Da sa stii ca aduc buna dispozitie. Parca iti vine sa zambesti si sa visei frumos in ele!

  2. Hi, I made a pillowcase just like that when I first got married over 35 years ago. I had no good furniture or decorations and all I could afford was to put a pillowcase on an old pillow for my living room. It had snaps on the side so I could easily take it off and wash it. I purposely chose that material because I wanted a farm, and I thought that if I slept on that pillow, my dream might come true one day. Our farm is in Texas. We have 16 chickens and 5 goats and a LOT of fresh vegetables. May your children have sweet dreams on your beautiful pillow.

  3. Thank you so much! I am so happy to hear happy stories where dreams come true! Now that I started to think about it I have to talk with the kids and plan some new fun pillowcases!