Tuesday, May 29, 2018

White version of Butterick 6492

I was admiring the MeMadeMay for a few years but timing was never right to make a real commitment myself and even  I constantly wear what I make this is the 1st year I tried to make sure that not a day goes by without wearing something I made. Keeping track of this also made me more aware of what I really use. And Butterick 6492 is clearly my number one choice.
Maybe my response to this fact should have been I really need to try other patterns! But this wasn't it! My response to this is : "I need more versions from this pattern"!  So this extended weekend I got my machines with me to the countryside and worked on a few new projects. Cutting this top was actually a backup plan but I forgot one of the bags with the main project supplies :).
I got this fabric earlier this year thinking I might make a quick knit dress for the Bachelorette party for the bride but as we got close in time my queue was way to busy for such project! A white top for summer though would be great for myself. Actually I wanted to make this top before the colorful stripes version but at that point I couldn't find this fabric anywhere.... I have so many places in the house where I "hide" my stash that i can easily search for something a long time and not find it!
I didn't got my iron station with me so was a bit challenging to work without it but I think knits can be OK if you just iron at the end. My pockets could have been more crisp though...
I got my hems and neckline done at home in the morning before work. For the sleeves I decided to use the fabric edge as was very nicely finished and use hand sewing to make sure those serger threads looks neat at the end.
No shopping. So Sewing 87 - Shopping 62.

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