Thursday, May 24, 2018

New jumpsuits for Eva - Ottobre 3/2015 #14 and a top for me Simplicity 1539

Last summer big hit in Eva's wardrobe were her jumpsuits. I was not sure if I will make new ones this summer but it looks like I could not resist them. So here are 2 fresh  Ottobre 3/2015 #14:
They are a bit big. I should have traced 98 this time but she is growing so so fast this days I thought a 104 will work better as having a bit more room in them might be comfortable
for wearing even if she will not look as sharp as with a better fit...
   The 1st one is from a very soft rayon fabric with a print I am in love with for its colors and how perfect it is to camouflage all the stains a child this age collects all the time:
The second one is from a nice jersey fabric and this time I didn't needed a back opening. I reduced some of the ease in this one but is still pretty big:
I usually make her clothes from my left overs now it was time to make a top from me from what was left from her jumpsuit. I used the simple Simplicity 1539 as the pattern. It was designed for knits I think but it works just fine for me in woven as well:
 The fabric is so pleasant to wear. I am a bit sorry I only bought 2 meters of it but there are so many other prints calling my name ...
Too busy to shop for fabrics so Sewing 83 - Shopping 62.


  1. Such beautiful photos. Love the poppies...and the clothes too.

    1. Thank you! Wild poppies are great! A friend of mine took some great pictures there last year when she visited us and this year I was on a watch for those blooms!