Friday, May 25, 2018

Kids outfits for their aunt wedding

Making kids outfits for special events is something I enjoy a lot so even with all the commitments I took for my sister in law wedding I could not forget the kids. I absolutely loved their matching outfits for the wedding last fall when we were godparents. Andrei's outfit was the last one to be made and this part of me regretted I didn't got around to make him a jacket so this time I made sure I had my patern pieces prepped and I didn't let myself slack on him account. I picked Vogue 9248:
It was not an easy task. From tracing and cutting all the pattern pieces to actually making it ... nothing was easy or fast. there are countless pattern pieces and I could not have done it without the instructions close by and all the labeling and markings. This me working on the paper pattern on Easter day outside:
I made countless small mistakes along the way but the soft fabric and discreet print on it were forgiving and even if it was not perfect his suit was very special and he was the most handsome little guy.
The day dress I made for Eva last fall was such a success that I wanted to use that pattern again - so here is a new version of Butterick 5980:

    As I was making the bride wedding dress as well I asked her if she wants Eva's dress to be from the same fabric to compliment her. My sister in law is Eva's godmother and she loved to have a mini her so Eva's got a white dress for the event. The strap from view C didn't looked that well in multiple layers so this time I did a sleeved version. The front ruffle also didn't seemed right in this multiple layers of lace and tulle so I opted for her to have the same hand sewn beads all over the dress same as the wedding dress bodice.
   I didn't had enough of lace edge left to use for Eva's dress so I bought a different one that I think it went perfectly with the design of the lace. The bride liked it as well and decided to use that from for her veil as well.
I miscalculated the sleeves length and I already embellished the sleeves hem when Eva tried it on and decided it was to long and it bothered her. I was running behind and I really liked my hand sewn beads in the sleeves so cutting them down and doing them again or let them go both seemed like bad options so instead or that I added a small soft tulle ruffle to the sleeves. Eva liked it like that.
The yoke and the sleeves are doubled with pink silk voile that create a nude illusion but is very pleasant on the skin.
   I hated the little buttons on the back my sister in law wanted. I was really afraid of them but they were really cute so after mastering the installation of the elastic buttonhole band decided to use a small piece for Eva's dress as well and did 10 buttons with 2 layers of fabric : the pink silk and the white tulle that were a perfect match to that section of the dress.
   I used embroidered cotton and tulle for some cute ruffles on the inside:
 They both were cute but run around the all evening and were really hard to keep in check. They had a lot of fun though. My son told me the day after it all that it was the best day and night of his life. He was so sweet..
No shopping since the last blog post so counting the kids items my score is now Sewing 86 - Shopping 62. I really hope to get down the story of the wedding dress next week so here is a little teaser:


  1. Again another fantastic display of your skills. I can't believe you trace a paper pattern as well. Looking forward to the wedding dress post!

    1. Thank you! I usually just cut paper patterns but when I am not feeling that lazy and I am considering more then one size I try to trace them!

  2. Si eu astept cu nerabdare sa ne povestesti cum ai facut prima rochie de nunta!
    Costumele copiilor sunt super, ca tot ce faci! Eu nu sunt asa pasionata de croitorie...cochetez cu tricotatul si vad zi de zi, cum tehnica mea e buna, dar e bine sa faci un lucru nou cat mai des!
    Sanatate maxima tie si celor dragi tie!
    Esti supertalentata si iti doresc noroc si spor!
    Daca as dori sa-mi faca cineva o rochie, tu ai fi aleasa!

    1. Merci! Sa stii ca am invatat foarte multe cu nunta asta!