Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sewing for Eva's birthday

I am still recovering after the marathon sewing I did for my sister in law wedding and I still have to share the most important makes for that but last week Eva turned 3 years old and we had back yard party. I could not miss the opportunity to sew something for it. Though in the end I didn't had time to make any new outfit for Eva.  I wanted the most important people that helped me plan the party to wear some coordinated outfits but the fabric I choose for this was to girly and all the boys declined the offer to make them a tee.
I wanted a bit of diversity so I did 2 standard tees from McCall's 6796 for my sister and my mother in law.
A Butterick 6492 for myself:
And a modified Vogue 1542 for my sister law:
I was quite fun in the end:
On top of the sewing I did quite a little paining on an old wood wall that should be demolished soon and some tables for the craft corner and also on the sand box:
I also did 2 blue cases for the benches and 18 colorful bags for kids to jump with them:
I sewed 24 ( including the bags and the bench cases) items for this event and I bought 7 new fabrics lately so the new score is : Sewing 77 - Shopping 62.