Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The city hall dress

    I have been talking forever with my mother in law about making her outfits for her daughter's wedding. On one of this discussions my sister in law was present and I offered to make her dress too for the city hall ceremony that is usually a simple knee length day dress that should not been to difficult with her figure if we found the right fabric. So she tagged along when I went fabric shopping with my mother in law and we she spotted a very cute brocade with panels section.
   I thought a dress with princess seams and pleated skirt will look really good on her and in this fabric so I suggested McCall's 7536 to her and she immediately agreed to view D:
    I made a muslin right away for size 8 based on finished bust measurement and the fit was pretty  good. All I needed to do was widen the shoulders a bit and lower the neck line.
   I had a bit of trouble with the invisible zipper that just would not want to cooperate and I had to unpick and throw away 3 zippers until all went well... Also I first attached the lining a bit to tight at first and was pulling a bit on the back zipper to I had to rip some part there too but I am quite happy with the final result.
She wanted some sort a belt so this were the options we considered:
It was a really cute dress and she loved it:
And I also made my mother on law dress for the same event using Butterick 5778:
It was a very easy sew with a bit of hesitation with some notches not lining up but still a great patern in my opinion. I made the skirt a bit for full then their design and added a large belt with pipping. I hand sew the hem to make it invisible on the front and also added piping and cuffs to the sleeves to go with the tie belt.
On the muslin I added some extra fabric to the side panels seams as I was afraid it might be to tight but it was not and I ended removing that extra so in the end the actual patern was pretty good. Same happened with the length ( 1st added some extra then removed the extra) !
I was a bit sorry I directly cut the pattern pieces instead of tracing them out because I was falling in love with the design even in the bigger size and definitively want a version of this cowl for myself:
They both looked lovely in their dresses. I used an old dress from a wedding last fall as did Eva. I was very stressed at the time since there were only 2 days left until the church wedding and the wedding dress was far from finished.
 Counting this 2 dresses gets me to Sewing 80 - Shopping 62 for this year.


  1. Another gorgeous dress! You have the eye for fabrics.

    1. Thank you Katherine! My sister in law picked this fabric but is a choice I most definitively approve of!

  2. Oh, you did such a lovely job! The fabric is gorgeous and you paired it with the perfect pattern!

    1. Thank you! It was just one of the few moments when it turned out better then you hoped it will!

  3. That is just the perfect wedding dress. I'd never want to take it off!

  4. It such a beautiful dress. That fabric is lovely and I love the placement. Both great dresses again.

  5. Very impressive! I am very impressed with your selection of pattern and fabric and your sewing skills. The dress looks lovely on your SIL. I like your MIL's dress also. Great job.