Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Eva's finished wardrobe

Even before she was born Eva had a wardrobe entry every year. Items for her come easy so why not try to coordinate them a bit more and get a mini wardrobe with easy to mix and match items. I started all with a match your shoes setup with pink because it is her favorite color at the moment and purple to match the shoes. Next I did fireworks pants because it was good quality stretch cotton fabric and colors seem to match her pallet so far. I really liked the light blue on the fabric print and though a top in that shade would be perfect with it. And it was and even better it worked with the pink suit as well.
I was a bit in the dark though about that to do next to finish it up. I thought a lighter color top will work nice in the mix and found this great panel print fabric with black and white stripes and such a cute design in all the right shades for my girl. so this settled the last top.
The purple top and the fireworks pants we both so loud I felt it was a bit to much to the same wardrobe even if the colors coordinated nicely so I decided to make a quick short sleeveless dress/tunic that can be worn lone or over other tops in the same fabric as the loud pants.
And I think that made everything go together a lot better.
With this 2 tops this year's score becomes Sewing 40 - Shopping (still) 30 and this is not all I have been sewing lately...

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