Monday, March 12, 2018

Family PJs

I am quite happy to have finished the kids spring wardrobes so early and submitted them to the PR contest. Then time has come to get heavily involved helping out with dresses for my sister in law wedding coming up in april. Hardly more then a month left till then and I am working to make the actual wedding dress and the progress is crazy crazy slow - will I really make it or will we need a last minute exit plan ?!? - can't wait to tell that whole story one day -, the bride day dress for the city hall ceremony - almost done just need to finish hand sewing the lining - and the mother of the bride dress - here I had a huge success this weekend with a totally new direction and fabric and the dress turned out really promising so far ... and I still hope to make a dress for myself and some little outfits for the kids... will I be sewing again 10 minutes before leaving home this time as well....?!?

So just to get my mind off al this I made some relay quick PJs for the kids and for myself. I really need to find some patterns worth upgrading my home rags. I tried the Lekala 4391 one seam leggings

I am not pleased at all with the Lekala leggings. Fot a custom fit based on your measurements it seems to much off : the waist is way to high in the front - the back is almost OK. To tight in the lower part and way to long... I am considering cutting some really old and comfortable pair to use it as patern rather the try another patern for those or fixing the lekala one...

For the top I used New Look 6404 unisex pattern.
I started by tracing view A size XS and it seemed huge then I realized there is another top patern available and is a lot more shaped and traced again size 8 this time. Not an amazing tee cut should be comfortable to wear around the house. I did both pieces in the same pale pink hearts french terry but it looked so washed out I made another tee with some contrast scraps and put a pocket too this time.
Eva's PJs use same fabric as base as mine but I like a lot for how Andrei's version turned out.
New Look 6404
New Look 6404New Look 6404
New Look 6404
Went a bit crazy fabric shopping over the weekend with 8 new fabrics so my score is still tight Sewing 48 - Shopping 38.


  1. These all look so cozy! My kids love their handmade pajamas! I have some prints for my boys that need to be made into some!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Handmade PJs are the best and I too need to reduce my stash with more of this!

  2. Very cute and fun PJs! They look like RTW:) Perfect job!